Industries and Products

HyGlo has become a leader in the industry with a portfolio of projects and services that are unsurpassed by many. Some of the areas we work within are:

BioScience - We fabricate customer-designed, sanitary plastic laboratory furnishings and fixtures for pharmaceutical, animal research, biomedical and biofuels research facilities. These items include sinks and counters, tanks, glove boxes, cabinets and storage units, trays and racks. We also fabricate cleanroom transport containers for use with conventional material handling equipment.

Architectural Models - We do plastic fabrication of bases, covers and design elements for architectural models. We cut model parts both by hand and on our 60" square, 2.5 axis CNC router table.

Architectural Parts Fabrication - We make both new and replacement architectural features, such as: lighting covers, ceiling panels, doors, cabinetry inserts, golf-ball proof window covers, stair treads, clear flooring segments, and Plexiglas slabs for water features.

Retail and Restaurant Displays - Custom fabrication of retail store fixtures, merchandise displays and wine racking using clear or colored acrylic sheets create unique design elements in stores and restaurants. (ie: Wine Rack in SoBo Grille)

The Arts/Museums - Our high quality display cases, bases, boxes and frames are constructed to fit specific pieces and collectibles - from small objects to larger wall hangings. We also assist fine artists in constructing commission pieces in sizes as large as 4'x'4'x6' out of thick sheet Plexiglas.

Chemically Resistant Tanks and Sinks - We construct hot-air welded polypropylene plating and etching tanks, holding tanks, grease traps, and hoppers. We also fabricate corrosion resistant sinks and compartmented tanks of custom shapes and volumes.

Food Service and Preparation - From salad bar sneeze guards to commercial cutting boards, food-prep surfaces and grocery store displays, we offer custom fabrication items made from FDA-approved plastics. We also offer organic produce dividers to enable food store owners to comply with the new state and federal regulations governing the separation of organic from conventionally grown produce.

Medical Equipment - We focus on plastic fabrication of a wide variety of items and enclosures for clinical and research medical applications. These items range from instrumentation cabinets and specialty devices to infant respiratory units.

Prototyping - Our master fabricators can participate in the design, construction and practical evaluation of prototypes and their conversion to full-scale production.

Custom Testing/Lab Equipment - From fume hoods and environmentally controlled enclosures to mounting fixtures, tanks and chemically resistant lab furnishing, we can create your piece from your design or we can assist in design details.

Safety Products - We create a range of custom machine guards, shrouds and viewports with a various of physical attributes including transparency, high-impact resilience, high temperature tolerance and corrosion resistance.